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          Address:Hunan County of Xiangtan province Yisuhe Wu Wujiaxiang Industrial Area
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          Enhance safety awareness, build a harmonious modern enterprise
          This year, I have seen several counties consecutive major engineering casualty, January 9 Xiangtan Steel Ruixin due to equipment maintenance, debugging process by pressing the wrong button, causing one death. March 29 Jianglu in lifting process is not completely removed because of the spreader, driven crane fell, killed one person and so on. I also occurred more accidents. April 17, an employee hoisting roll skin, because of inconsistencies right hand coordination, his left and right index finger pressure off, cutting off half. This is the lesson of blood. Our security officers and administrators in the inspection, identify problems requiring rectification, the result is nosy, prick. Behind all know accidents have signs that we are in good deeds, a little reminder, to avoid the occurrence of the accident, bring happiness to many families.
          Who is the key security role? Are our front-line employees, working in the field to grasp the sixth principle: that "strict, science, looking, fine, defense, fast." "Yan" is the strict adherence to rules, prohibited illegal operation, illegal command. Serious labor discipline. "Learning" is to strengthen the training, employees must learn four clear, clear risk factors for their jobs. Measures should be taken to clear risk factors. Clearly post emergency response. Clear risk factors operating positions. Clear positions procedures. "Find" is seriously find hidden in the bud to prevent the accident. "Fine" is work to strive for excellence, careful operation, do not do careless indifference of people. Nor do reckless adventure dangerous people. "Defense" is to prevent accidents. From human insecurity, physical insecurity status. Aspects and environmental factors to prevent eliminated. Security can not have luck. "Fast" is the event of an accident, first aid knowledge and application of the most simple first aid techniques. Emergency rescue operations immediately, the losses to a minimum, control developments.
          Safety is happy flowers flower, we watered picturesque surroundings. Our junior staff, if conscientiously fulfill this sixth principle, overcome habitual three violations, without emotion work. Not anxious haste, nor do rush of acute paralysis and blind luck people. Everyone stresses safety for all to be safe, we can achieve zero accidents, to build a harmonious modern enterprise goal will certainly be achieved.
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